Interested in submitting to perform on a Whiskey Bear Comedy show? You can do that here! Currently, Whiskey Bear Comedy regularly produces shows every Monday (except the 2nd Monday of each month). The Pop Culture Mixtape takes place the 3rd Monday of each month, Hot Dog! A Comedy Show Slash Hot Dog Eating Contest is the 4th Monday of each month, and other Mondays are filled with various comedy showcases, character roasts, live readings, and other shows.

Unless you're from out of town, the best way to get booked on a Whiskey Bear Comedy show will always be to go and check them out and see what they're all about. Whether you're local or passing through, if you're reaching out for consideration, it's a safe bet that you should also include a clip of your stand-up so we can determine if you'd be a good fit for Whiskey Bear Comedy shows!

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